Have you ever tried to find public IP address of your computers? Usually, your PC is either behind a router or a network; that means, your command line result from ipconfig if you’re on Windows or ifconfig if you’re on Linux or Mac can’t show you your public IP address.

So how to find public IP address?

It doesn’t have to be hard to find out your public IP. There are many ways to do it and I’m going to show you several ways you can try to find your IP.

Some of methods that could help:

  • Use Google Search
  • Access some online services to find IP address.
  • Access router
  • Use PowerShell if you’re using Windows
  • Use Terminal shell if you’re using Linux or MacOS.

Let’s try each of them.

1. Use Google Search

There is one feature of Google Search that provide quick response for common questions.

And you know what?

What is my ip?” is one of the most popular questions on this giant search engine.

Surprise? Yeah, I know :D. It sounds interesting.

What you need to do is just typing into the search box the query “what is my ip” or any term similar, you will get something like:

Use Google Search to find your public IP address
Use Google Search to find your public IP address

Quick and easy, right?

2. Use online services to find IP address

Well, similar to what Google does, some websites will help you know your public IP address.

Some websites like:

  • whatismyipaddress.com
  • whatismyip.com
  • myip.com
  • whatsmyip.org
  • iplocation.net/find-ip-address
  • whatismyip.host
  • …etc

Well, there are many, and you don’t need to know all of them anyway.

You just need to access one of those services to get your public IP address. That’s all we need!

3. Access router

As I mention above, your computer is often behind a router. So you can simply access the router to find out its public IP address on configuration screen. Of course, you will need to have permission to access, for example, if it’s your own personal home router, or you’re network administrator of company…; otherwise, this can’t do this way.

When you access the router, you will need to find your router configuration screen, it is different among vendors.

And it could show something like this:

Access router to find public IP address
Access router to find public IP address. Credit: HowToGeek.com

Apparently, anyone who works in IT or network administration should know how to do this as well.

4. Use Powershell if you’re on Windows

This method is a little more techie, I mean you can show off like a real computer geek, because you will need to open Command Prompt or Powershell prompt to type Windows command to get computer’s public IP.

Inside the Powershell, you don’t type ipconfigΒ since it does not show the external IP, but type the following command instead.

PS > Invoke-RestMethod ipinfo.io/ip

You will look like real hacker :D…just kidding.

What command does is to invoke a HTTP request to ipinfo.io/ipΒ and print out result of your public IP address.

5. Use Terminal if you’re on Linux or Mac

This is pretty much similar to using Powershell when you’re on Windows, but type in different command to invoke HTTP request.

$ curl ipinfo.io/ip

It does the same thing.

Beside ipinfo.io, there are some other websites you can access to get your public IP address, here some of them.

  • ifconfig.me
  • icanhazip.com
  • ipecho.net/plain
  • ifconfig.co

But wait…

Didn’t I forget to mention your public IP address is also called “WAN IP“?

Haha…it’s the similar term in case you’re on different systems and they says WAN IP instead of “public IP“.

Find public IP address of your computer is a very simple task, you don’t have to be a technical person to know how to do it. Anyone can do it.

And, if, just if, you can’t even make any of those methods working… then ask your friends, colleagues or network admins, they can help you. Just kidding πŸ˜€