Hello guys, this is the very first post about one of the oldest capture the flag style hacking game, HackThisSite.org.

To start, I will walk you through how to pass Level 1 of Basic mission.

In order to start the challenge, you will need to have an account on HackThisSite, so make sure you have one.

The challenge can be accessed through this link, or you can navigate it on the left sidebar on Challenges section.

Here is our challenge:

How to pass HackThisSite challenge - Basic mission - Level 1
HackThisSite challenge – Basic mission – Level 1

Let me re-phrase the question here, it says:

Level 1 (the idiot test)

This level is what we call "The Idiot Test", if you can't complete it, don't give up on learning all you can, but, don't go begging to someone else for the answer, that's one way to get you hated/made fun of. Enter the password and you can continue.

If this is your first time trying this, then you should start learning the basics of HTML coding.

Well, in case you’re already know about it, hmm….

This being said, “the idiot test”, in security, it means “password is right there”.

In other words, what you need to do is to investigate the part of source code that displays the password box.

Just my guessing! But any idea should be tried at least once.

It’s how hacking works.

So, you’re on a browser, any kind like Chrome or Firefox or Microsoft Edge or whatever… just open the menu to view HTML source code of this page.

Here what I got:

How to pass HackThisSite challenge - Basic mission - Level 1 Solution
How to pass HackThisSite challenge – Basic mission – Level 1 Solution

Can’t you see that comment line in source code?

the first few levels are extremely easy: password is 54048956

Try the password and click on submit button to test if it passes.

Well, CONGRATULATION!!! You’ve passed it! 

It’s truly idiot test, isn’t it? You think it’s easy?

Well, in reality, you almost never see any website that exposes password credentials like this.

This level 1 of basic mission is the first step for you to dig deeper into the world of hacking.

Have fun enough?

Start your next challenge!